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Tank testing for underground storage tanks, heating oil tanks, above ground storage tanks & tanks at fueling facilities. We offer tank inspection services including oil tank testing, soil testing, tank searches & geoprobe services in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. We welcome you to our website.

residential services

- Tank Searches
- Soil Sampling
- Tank Integrity Testing
- Corrosion Testing
- Above Ground Tank Inspections
- Environmental Services

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commercial services

- Tank Integrity Testing
- Line & Leak Detector Testing
- Stage II Vapor Recovery Testing
- Secondary Containment Testing
- Cathodic Protection Testing
- Automatic Tank Gauge Testing and Installation
- Compliance Testing / Tank Management Programs


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Welcome to Accurate Tank Testing
Exceptional technology is only one reason why Accurate Tank Testing has been so successful for two decades. Experienced personnel, superior training and customer support are top priorities at Accurate. You can be rest assures that when you contact Accurate you are getting the best in the industry.


Accurate Tank Testing LLC. provides Geoprobe services to collect soil samples for larger and deeper buried tanks.

Accurate Tank Testing LLC. is now certified in all categories of the N.J.D.E.P. tank program, Tank Testing, Cathodic Protection Testing, Installation-Entire UST System, Closure and Subsurface Evaluation to ensure our clients get the best advice for their project.

Accurate Tank Testing LLC. is only in the business of testing underground storage tanks. To avoid a conflict we do not remove tanks. This keeps the integrity of our results second to none.